Natural and dietary products intended for the retail consumer

Soy flour - Soy flour has a lower sugars content than wheat flour, but a higher water-absorption capacity, which makes it useful in household preparations, alone or in combination with other flours. It can be used in dough preparation, it is recommended for preparing bread for diabetics, for pastry products, and for cooking various dishes, such as soups, broths, sauces, creams, desserts, pâtés.

Soy fillets - Soy fillets are an excellent natural source of protein and a meat substitute, are rich in vitamins, minerals, isoflavones, nutrients, and lecithin, that help lower cholesterol and prevent cancer and bone loss. Soy fillets can be prepared after being previously boiled with spices for 20-30 minutes. Then they are drained to eliminate excess water, and they are ready to be prepared. They can be served with various trimmings.


Soy cubes - Soy cubes can be prepared either after 10-15 minutes of prior boiling with spices to be afterwards added to the recipe, or by adding them directly to the desired preparations, such as: sauces, broths, in combination with vegetables and cereals, salads, etc.


Soy granules - Soy granules are called vegetable meat, due to their appearance after hydration, which resembles minced meat and may be used for the same purposes. You may use them for preparing a wide range of recipes, adding several spices, especially garlic: soy patties, soy casseroles, stuffings, burgers, hamburgers, and various minced dishes using soy granules.


Cold-pressed soybean oil - It can be used in a variety of products, including salad dressings, sandwiches, bread, mayonnaise, etc. Cold-pressed soybean oil has a pleasant taste of roasted nuts and has the quality of intensifying the taste and aroma of the other ingredients. It is the ideal base for flavoured oils.


Soy milk - With the exception of nursing babies, for whom breast milk is the best and healthiest food, soy milk is suitable for all age groups, being rich in easily assimilable sugars, in vegetable fats, and essential amino acids.

Suggestions for use:
Soy milk can be used in preparing a variety of recipes, such as various puddings, creams, chocolate, soups, mayonnaise, cakes, bread, and more. Soy milk can replace eggs (by adding soy milk, we can reduce egg consumption). Beating eggwhites is easier by using soy milk. Soy milk can completely replace cow's milk because it is easier to digest than animal milk. In low-salt, low-uric acid, and low-cholesterol diets, rheumatism, kidney disease, high blood pressure, arterial disorders, or kidney stones, soy foods can be safely used.


Semi-prepared foods - Functional mixes based on protein flours, used for preparing various dishes:
-Mix for patties
-Mix for vegetable sausages
-Mix for stuffed cabbage leaves
-Mix for sauces & pâtés


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Soybeans have been part of human food for over 5,000 years. The first mention of soybean cultivation dates back to around year...


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A short history

Although soybeans have been grown on a commercial scale in East Asia for more than 1,000 years, the earliest estimates and ...