Natural Soy Products For Milling Industry


SOTTEX® ProMill 1000

SOTTEX® ProMill 1000 The presence of enzymes and the high fat content of the product account for a high capacity of correcting weak flours. SOTTEX® ProMill 1000 is used for whitening flour and bread core.



SOTTEX® ProMill 1015

SOTTEX® ProMill 1015 is a source of protein, containing essential amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. Its high-protein and low-fat content may help in dosing the desired protein amount in the flours to be processed.



SOTTEX® ProMill 1050

SOTTEX® ProMill1050 is used in milling and bakery as a whitening agent for wheat flour-based products, it is the additive with the most natural qualities available to mills for enhancing the quality of wheat flour, due to the presence of enyzmes and proteins in the product.



SOTTEX® ProMill 1400

SOTTEX® ProMill1400 serves as a corrective agent for the desired protein level, due to its high protein content, being used in milling and bakery.



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Soybeans have been part of human food for over 5,000 years. The first mention of soybean cultivation dates back to around year...


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A short history

Although soybeans have been grown on a commercial scale in East Asia for more than 1,000 years, the earliest estimates and ...